While I was visiting my friend in Vancouver, we went on a weekend trip to the nearby city of Victoria. Well, I say nearby but it was a bit complicated to get there. It went smoothly and all in all took about 4.5 hours, but you have to take a train, a bus, a ferry, then another bus and then walk to the hotel. You can take a plane, but that’s not cheap, so we went for the adventurous option. I think there’s probably more going on in Victoria during the summer though, there was mention of The Butchart Gardens which are supposed to be really lovely. Nonetheless we made the most of it and had a nice relaxing weekend.

    Accommodation –  We stayed at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort (such a ridiculous name). It was nice but the spa prices were a bit outrageous; the facials started at $100, which I know is common for facials but the rest of the hotel didn’t really seem to match that price point. We ordered room service for breakfast and it was a bit disappointing, just not worth the price. They forgot the tea, cream and juice. It was in a great location though, there was nice views of the city at night but it was just a short walk over the bridge to get to everything.

    Things to do – I liked just strolling around Victoria. It actually looks kinda European. I don’t know if I would want to spend a lot of time there but for a weekend get-away, it was perfect. We went to see Carrigdorrach Castle, which is not a castle, it’s a Victorian house. It seemed to be fairly popular and has a very interesting history.


    Food – The food in Victoria was just as good as the food in Vancouver. I even had my first cronut from a bakery we randomly found wondering the streets and it was amazing! Here’s the restaurants I tried:

    Lure  – This is the restaurant at the hotel. We ate there the first night because we were too tired to go in search for anything else. I got the fish and chips, with their ice-cream sandwich dessert. It was pretty good and the place has great views. It’s a little over-overpriced but that’s to be expected from hotel restaurants.

    El Terrazzo – I loved this restaurant. It has great reviews both online and from the hotel receptionist and it did not disappoint! There were a few meat-less options on the menu, which I appreciated, and they gave us warm bread as soon as we sat down, what more could you ask for?


    Jane x