About Me

My name is Jane, I’m 26 and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have a BA in English, Media and Cultural Studies and an MA in Literature and Culture, with a specialisation in Gender, Sexuality and Culture. I am currently work in marketing for a computer software company.


I love style, beauty and traveling, all of which I document on this blog, along with all the other random things that bring me joy. However, in the last couple of years, I have also developed a passion for living consciously. That means being aware of the impact I am having on the environment, other people and all living things. I only buy beauty products that are cruelty free and I’m trying to become more aware of ingredients and what I’m putting on my body. I’m also trying to explore alternatives to fast fashion and how I can work on producing less waste for the planet. I’m trying to life a more curated life, just buying things that I need or absolutely love. However, though the organic, vegan, zero-waste and minimalist movements intrigue me and I can spend hours watching YouTube videos on those subjects, I find it to be very unattainable lifestyle at times. Though I admire anyone who can do it, a lot of the content online is very extreme. People are so passionate about it and that is amazing but I find the thought of applying it all to my own life extremely daunting and over-whelming. Instead, I find myself just trying to take some of the ideas from these movements and incorporate them into my lifestyle in a way that is practical for me. I hope to also document that journey on my blog and hopefully we can all learn together and do a small bit to make ourselves and the planet a bit happier and healthier!



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