As I said in my previous Marrakech post, it has actually been a while since I was in Marrakech but I love the photos so much, I didn’t want to waste them. I was slightly worried about how easy to was going to be to be vegan, or even vegetarian, in Marrakech, you just never know when you visit other countries, but I didn’t need to be concerned. There were always lots of vegetarian options, and it was not difficult to be vegan either. They are really into their fresh vegetables and cous cous, and I am here for it.


I’d seen this place multiple times on Instagram and wanted to check it out. We were super lucky with what table we got (it is probably a good idea to make a reservation during busier times) and had the most fantastic view while the sun went down. The food was delicious and there was lots of choice for vegetarians and vegans.


We LOVED this cafe. The vibe and the view were just amazing. You can sit up on the roof, and although it can get pretty hot if you’re not under the shade, the view was so cool. We actually ended up going back here a second time because we loved it so much. As with most places we tried, the food was just so fresh and flavourful.

I should also mention the tea. Morocco is famous for mint tea and you can get it everywhere. They serve it to you in a glorious silver teapot with small glasses and like to pour it from a height. It is delicious, but be warned, it is not the same as mint tea here in Ireland, it is actually black tea with mint in it.


This place is a little on the fancy side, but we went here for our last night and I loved it. The dishes were quite simple, but full of flavour. We did sit outside, but they don’t quite have the same view as some of the other places; I still really enjoyed the vibe though. There was a big group of local people sitting near us who we never saw order anything but they just kept brining them food; it was interesting to watch.


I genuinely loved all of the food we ate in Marrakech. I am a fan of simple, fresh food and that’s what we got everywhere. There were so many vegetarian and vegans options and it made life so easy.

Jane x

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