I’ve been watching this vlog on YouTube recently made by a Chinese woman who lives in Australia. I don’t know her name and I can’t understand what she’s saying but that doesn’t seem to matter, the point of the her videos is to convey a mood. They are just very calming and focus on small everyday things. She does everything very intentionally, taking time to put flowers in a vase slowly or lay her food out nicely. Her videos have made me take note of the small pleasures that are easy to miss when you’re rushing around and pay attention to the mundane sounds that surround us daily.

The other day, I sat out on the steps in front of my building in my tracksuit bottoms, with my natural curly hair and no make-up, and just enjoyed the way the light hit the ground. I listened to the cars passing, as well as the silence in between each vehicle. I watched people going by, paying absolutely no attention to me. I felt the warmth on my skin and inhaled the fresh air. It was just a nice moment, it wasn’t spectacular or new or groundbreaking. But it was peaceful, it was soothing.

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