Dressing for special occasions is always difficult. I find weddings in particular to be quite tricky. There are all these rules that may or may not apply, depending on the vibe of wedding. Okay obviously white is off limits but all my go-to outfits are black and I never know whether it’s okay to wear black or not? Some weddings are fancy, some are more casual, some are more traditional… You want to look nice, but you don’t want to draw attention. It’s a bit of a tightrope. 

I’ve recently discovered how much I love wearing high waited trousers (this does not include jeans; I know so many people love high waisted jeans but I don’t get it? Mid rise are so much more flattering, no? What I am not getting?) Anyway, crop tops and high waited trousers are my new jam and I loved being able to wear a fancy version of this combo with this suit that I bought a couple of years ago from TopShop. I wasn’t sure if the top was too casual but I think it works because of the interesting neck line. The small peak of stomach breaks up the look and makes the suit more flattering to my figure. 

The cool thing that I’ve discovered about suits is that they’re easy to make more casual when you wear them separately but pop them together and you have a more formal look. I like this concept because I don’t really have a lot of formal events to go to, so any fancy stuff I have in my wardrobe very rarely gets worn. You have to keep it though, for that once a year that you need something a bit more jazzy. But with a suit, you can actually get more wear out of the pieces, especially if you have an office job; just throw on the suit trousers with a jumper or the blazer with some dark skinny jeans and voilà! 

I got some hearts on my nails just for a bit of fun but I think they’re pretty cute. 

Hopefully this helps if you’re looking for some inspiration and don’t want to wear a dress!

Jane x

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