In my last post, I talked about how I wanted to get back into blogging again after going through some hard times; well, life has a funny way of kicking you when you’re already down and that didn’t quite happen. I won’t go into details right now but things got worse and I’ve just had so much going on. Some of it has been truly awful but some good things have happened too. For one, I’ve started studying to get my masters degree, and while it’s a bit scary, it feels so good to be back learning and challenging myself.

I’m studying Gender, Sexuality and Culture, and while it doesn’t exactly lead anywhere specific or make me more employable (as everyone keeps pointing out), I’m so excited by the things we’re discussing and the topics we’re covering. I needed that back in my life. Sometimes you just need to do what you feel is right, even if other people can’t see the value. It’s funny because this was something I decided to do at the beginning of the year, and I couldn’t fully explain why I was doing it, aside from the fact that I found it extremely interesting and I was at a point in my life where I could actually go back to college and survive, I didn’t have many solid reasons in my mind, I just felt in my gut it was what I should do. And now I’m so thankful to past me for following that feeling.


Speaking of past me, these pictures are from back in July and it’s honestly quite strange to look at myself back then. The person in these photos had no idea what was about to happen and I fell so different now. Thinking about it almost causes a bit of existential crisis about time and life events and how things happen the way they do. But I won’t keep going down that path because it’s probably rather long. Instead, let’s talk about something frivolous and materialistic (and much easier for my emotions to take); my new sunglasses!

I love these Miu Miu babies. I held back on buying them for so long cause they have gold hardware and I almost exclusively wear silver, but I caved because the gold hardware on them is quite muted (or at least that’s what I told myself to justify the situation). I wore this outfit travelling to London and wondering around on the first day. Now normally, I find it confusing when people wear skinny jeans when travelling (like, why would you do that to yourself?) but the flight from Dublin to London is so quick that it actually wasn’t too bad. I just wanted to feel semi-put-together when I got to London so I could wonder around and not feel like I needed to change. It’s a fairly simple outfit, I know, but it’s easy and comfy.


I know I said this before, but I am going to start posting regularly again. I have a bunch of fun posts that I’m currently working on from my trip to London and Brighton back in July that I’m exited to share. I know this post doesn’t exactly show it, but I have also been making an effort to try new things with my clothes and really narrow in on my personal style, so I will be sharing more of that. It’s been a rough two months but I’m excited for bigger and better things that are to come!


Where everything is from:

Jeans – Topshop ‘Jaime’
Top – ASOS ‘Swing Cami’
Sandals – Birkenstocks
Cardigan – Brandy Melville
Bag – Kipling
Bee necklace – Alex Monroe
Sunglasses – Mui Mui

Love Jane x


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