What to you do when your hair is greasy but you need to look professional for work? Channel your inner Blair Wardolf and put on a sparkly hair band of course! Okay but seriously, my hair needs to be washed (as per usual) so don’t judge me. I never normally wear hairbands, this is the only one I own, but for some reason I love it so much. I pull it out every so often and tell myself I should try wear it more often and then proceed to not wear it again for 8 months. But today, I just needed a little extra sparkle.

I’ve been working in an office for a little over a year now and I have to admit I’ve really struggled with ‘work-wear’. My office is pretty casual but you still have to look professional. Thankfully I can get away with nice jeans, especially since I haven’t found suit trousers that look good on me! I usually wear them with a shirt or blouse and my chelsea boots. I mix it up with a couple of dresses I found that I like, but that’s pretty much my uniform. I feel like I’m still trying to figure it out and I’ve been doing it for 13 months. I just don’t like a lot of traditional workwear and I haven’t found my groove with it yet.

I think working in another country makes it even more challenging. The style is different so they have different ideas of what classifies as casual, dressy, normal etc. Not that I care what people think, but I do have to meet what they classify as acceptable for work *rolls eyes*. I never realised how short my dresses were until I thought about wearing them to work.  It’s incredibly stupid but I would feel so uncomfortable wearing them to the office, and I’m sure I would be told I couldn’t wear them by my boss. It’s a fairly male-dominated conservative workforce. Fun times. I don’t even think I dress that provocatively normally (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but like I said, how clothing is classified isn’t the same everywhere.

Some day in the future, when I have my own company, people will be able to wear whatever the hell they want on a daily basis! But working in a computer software company in middle America, things don’t work like that. Ya know, I might distract the men from their important work or tempt them into sin! We project such ridiculous ideas onto women that always revolve around shame. It is not my fault if you can’t control yourself around me. That is on you, not me. But I would also still like to keep my job. So for now, the struggle is real.

I’ll be moving back to Ireland in 3 weeks though, where I’m going to work from home again so my uniform will consist of leggings, pjs and as much skin as I want to show! (it is Ireland though so chances are I’ll actually end up wearing about 5 layers but you get my point…)



Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Topshop (Jamie)
Chelsea boots – Topshop
Hairband – ASOS

Jane x

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